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We’ve been creating the most delicious ice cream in our Ice Cream Factory non-stop since 2005 and every single ice cream contains the very best organic ingredients Mother Nature has to offer. Before giving their seal of approval, our ice cream masters sample each creation for colour, aroma and of course flavour. That’s how we create such surprisingly delicious organic ice cream.

Drip cake for the festive season

This ice cream Drip Cake with real Bourbon vanilla is an Ice Cream Factory newcomer, with a delicious layer of 25% milk chocolate, pure chocolate pieces, almond and grated coconut. Whichever ice cream takes your fancy, Ice Cream Factory ice cream: the ultimate pleasure. Our drip cake is on sale now and is ideal for the festive season.

New fresh packaging

Ice Cream Factory will soon have a new, fresh look. Most products are staying the same, although there are some improved recipes, and we’re also launching several vegan innovations! You’ll soon be able to enjoy the most delicious, organic ice cream in a stunning new pack design.

Suggestions for new ice cream?

If you’ve never been able to find that certain fresh flavour ice cream, let us know via and who knows, the ice masters may create your favourite!

167 sales pointsfrom Mother Nature to your ice creamorganic ice creamAvailable across the world in 30 countries100% pure and natural

Enjoy all our delicious ice cream, time after time.

Do you like the Ice Cream Factory world and are you looking for us?

Our organic ice cream is available in many countries across the world, from chilly Russia to warm Greece! Find us in the Netherlands in the biggest organic supermarket, Ekoplaza, and many health food shops.

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